Friday, 14 September 2012

XP Repair Pro 6.0.6 + Keygen / Serial Key

Scan and repair a huge amount of Windows Errors

Nowadays Windows can be found on almost every personal computer or laptop. In time, installing different applications on your computer may cause multiple Windows errors and interfere with the well-running of the operating system.

These Windows flaws are not visible but they can make your PC run slower or determine an application to be unresponsive. So, to fix these system problems you can choose to use XP Repair Pro, which can clean and defragment your registry

By using this application you will be able to scan registry areas and it is versatile enough to let you choose which one you want to be verified for invalid entries. So, you will find it easy to look for errors in the following categories: ActiveX, DLL and COM Objects, Add / Remove Program Entries, Shared Files and Assemblies, Recently Used Shortcut List, File Type and References, Startup Applications and System Extensions.

Also, this software allows you to search for unused shortcuts, cached web pages, duplicate entries and temporary files that are no longer needed.

After you are done scanning you will be able to view the system errors for each category. Now, you can easily select the flaws that you want to remove or you can allow the application to choose the errors that can be deleted.

Using the Registry Defragmentation feature, you can improve access to registry areas, thus increasing system performance.

There are many programs that start every time Window starts and this may cause a performance decrease. To remove this problem, you can use the Startup Program Manager. It allows you to select the programs you do not need in Windows startup.

I believe that you will find this application to be very useful if you’re still running, because it also contains an advanced registry editor that enables you to change a registry entry but also to add bookmarks.

XP Repair Pro also provides a Disk Space Cleanup Wizard that will help you search and delete files that are no longer useful. The System Monitor feature allows you to view your CPU Performance and the memory usage history.

                                  XP Repair Pro description

· With a database of over 60,000 errors, XP Repair Pro is able to thoroughly scan your entire system for a wide variety of errors that we have compiled into our database. This database contains different errors (and fixes) for all types of common problems that plague Windows systems. The scanner also uses algorithmic technologies to scan for useless entries in your registry that build up over time. This buildup occurs with normal usage and by adding programs and services into your computer.

· Windows uses the registry to (quickly) store and retrieve data that it uses. This data can get spread out over your hard drive causing longer "Access Time" to certain areas. The Registry Defragmenter takes these fragments and combines them into an organized linear structure back onto your hard drive; which will decrease the size of your registry and improve overall system performance.

· The Startup Program Manager is a very useful tool that allows you to easily block or allow programs from starting up when Windows starts. It includes many unique features, such as dragging and dropping startup programs and more.

· The Disk Cleanup Wizard scans through your hard disks and removable disks looking for files that are not needed, that are taking up valuable disk space. After the scan is completed, you will see a list of all of the files discovered and decide if you would like to keep any.

· Powerful crash monitoring and prevention creates system stability. There is not much that is more frustrating than a computer that keeps locking up, or shutting down entirely, right in the middle of something you are trying to do. Most software based crashes are caused by one program asking the computer to do something it isn't capable of doing. Our crash monitoring service can typically prevent these commands from being run, preventing the illegal process to be run, and keeping the system stable.

· The Recovery Center creates a failsafe backup of all of the changes made to your system by the Registry and System repair tool, and allows you to revert any changes made back to their original condition if you decide you want to undo something.

· XP Repair Pro is constantly evolving. New errors and scan capabilities are added to the database every day, and program updates are typically released every other week. Built and developed by top developers who have worked for years to bring this technology to consumers. Our upcoming 2008 release has eight new features including more privacy cleaning tools, a file shredder and more. More information is soon to be released.

· Automatic Updates ensure that you have the most recent updates to both software, and an up to date error database.

· Whether you are new to computers, or a veteran, XP Repair Pro is designed to allow all types of users to interact, diagnose and repair their own system problems, and increase system performance with no hardware upgrades needed.
· Processor: 133Mhz Pentium or AMD Equivalent
· Memory (RAM): 32 MB
· Video/Display: 8MB w/ 256 colors at 800x600
· Hard Disk: 35 Megabytes