Saturday, 22 September 2012

How To Open Block Website

1 Method vpn server (Virtual private network)

vpn server increase our privacy.he was hide our internet identity or ip address and show 
a fake identity.This way we are easily access a block side is work like simple method.
Hotspot shield Lanch is a best vpn server.Download this software and access any
Webside. Read more
  1. Download this software and extract the file by using winrar
  2. install the software
  3. After install open the software and click on connect
  4. After connect you are easily b access any block side
  5. Enjoy........
Hospot shield Download link:

                                            Click here to download


                           2nd method(Open Block Side By proxy)
Watch video to now 2nd method:

         proxy sides

                                Click Here To See Proxy List

                                 3rd method (Hide My access)

To hide your online identity and surf anonymously simply click our icon located to the right of your address bar; clicking this icon whilst already on a website will take you to the proxified version of this website, and clicking this icon with no website loaded will display a web proxy form for a quick start.
Our free proxy extension is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

                              4th method (Hide My ip)
Watch 1st video to now this method

                        Download any one Software to Hide Your ip

                                 Hide IP Easy + Crack